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Tether Technologies

Tether Technologies, Inc. is the leading innovator and manufacturer of digital tethering solutions for master keys and access cards. We were founded as EKT, LLC in 2010 by security industry veteran and leading authority, Randy Neely.

Our first product, the “ekt” or electronic key tether, was conceived by Randy after 35+ years on the ground managing corporate security. While most key control efforts were focused on creating accountability, Randy was fixated on human error. That issue was magnified in 2002, when after paying for an $85,000 rekey, master keys were found on top of a vending machine, right where his security officer had left them (see Story I). As Randy went on to become CEO of Northwest Protective Service, he continued to experience management’s endless worry about when and where the next key loss would happen. Finally, after another scare in 2007, Randy set out to develop a better way for his officers to carry keys – a device that would preempt loss from happening in the first place.

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