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  • Parliament Hinges
    Parliament Hinges have a unique design fit for the houses of Parliament. American Builders Outlet offers Parliament hinges of the highest quality. Choose from a range of sizes and finishes.
  • Olive Knuckle Hinges

    Olive Knuckle Hinges are named for their unique design that breaks the hinge pin out of the main body into an olive-shaped piece called the "knuckle". Olive Knuckle Hinges are available in a range of sizes and finishes.

  • Spring Hinges

    Spring Hinges are named for their powerful springs they use instead of pins. Spring hinges have a very high closing strength, and are not appropriate for most houses. However, if you've got a big heavy door then a set of spring hinges might be just the thing!

  • Steel Hinges
  • Solid Brass Hinges
  • Finials

    Finials are the little bits that screw into the top and bottom of a hinge. They range from the plain to the ornate, and are compatible with most residential hinge models.