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STOP ID Tracking Tag


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STOP ID Tracking Tag

The simple solution you can't afford to be without.
STOP's unique, tamper-proof patented plate, with its barcode and indelible tattoo, offers you a simple, inexpensive solution to three major problems associated with overseeing your office equipment:

Theft Prevention:
STOP plates, and the permanent tattoo they leave on your equipment, act as a highly effective theft-deterrent by providing unmistakable proof that equipment is police traceable and/or stolen. Resale of stolen items marked with our system is virtually impossible. Result? Equipment that would have "disappeared" before is returned, not resold.

Equipment Recovery:
STOP plates link your lost equipment to STOP's exclusive international tracking database and recovery system, accessible 24-hours a day via world-wide toll-free telephone support.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Control:
STOP plates are imprinted with a scannable barcode, allowing you to automatically track all marked items. Using STOP's hand-held scanner and our network-ready, customizable asset tracking software, it becomes remarkably simple to locate and maintain equipment inventory.


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STOP ID Tracking Tag

STOP ID Tracking Tag