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Portwest A100 Grip Glove



Details: Portwest A100 Grip Glove

Premium quality latex palm dipped 10 gauge glove which provides good tear and abrasion resistance for secure handling in both wet and dry conditions. Open back for ventilation and ergonomic design to reduces hand fatigue. Dimensions are 19" × 11" × 17"


  • Oil, Gas & Chemical Industries
  • Construction & Welding
  • OSHA Safety
  • Warehousing & Transport
  • Manufacturing Industries

About Portwest

With over 100 years of experience and a heritage of quality, value and service, Portwest is firmly established as a world leader in the design and manufacture of stylish, comfortable, high-quality work wear that meets recognized international standards.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

A100G4RL Large, Grey-Blue
A100G4RM Medium, Grey-Blue
A100G4RS Small, Grey-Blue
A100G4RXL XL, Grey-Blue
A100G4RXXL XXL, Grey-Blue
A100GNRL Green, Large
A100GNRM Green, Medium
A100ORRL Large, Orange
A100ORRM Medium, Orange
A100ORRS Small, Orange
A100ORRXL XL, Orange
A100ORRXXL XXL, Orange


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Portwest A100 Grip Glove

Portwest A100 Grip Glove