List of Model/SKU Numbers for the Mul-T-Lock C-Series Padlock (Classic or Interactive+ or Old Interactive Keyway)

Mul-T-Lock C-Series Padlock (Classic or Interactive+ or Old Interactive Keyway)

Here is a list of the Model/SKU Numbers and their corresponding attribute combinations associated with the Model.

Model #/SKU Option Combination MSRP Price
C08PC1 Shackle Size:5/16" Thick, 7/8" Clearance
$120.50 $72.30
C08PC2 Shackle Size:5/16" Thick, 2" Clearance
$124.25 $74.55
C08PC3 Shackle Size:5/16" Thick, 4" Clearance
$132.50 $79.50
C10PC1 Shackle Size:3/8" Thick, 1-1/4" Clearance
$129.25 $77.55
C10PC2 Shackle Size:3/8" Thick, 2-1/2" Clearance
$134.75 $80.85
C10PC3 Shackle Size:3/8" Thick, 4" Clearance
$141.50 $84.90
C10PSP Shackle Size:3/8" Thick, w/ Protector
$173.95 $104.37
C13PC1 Shackle Size:1/2" Thick, 1-1/2" Clearance
$158.25 $94.95
C13PC2 Shackle Size:1/2" Thick, 2-1/4" Clearance
$163.50 $98.10
C13PC3 Shackle Size:1/2" Thick, 4" Clearance
$170.75 $102.45
C13PSP Shackle Size:1/2" Thick, w/ Protector
$204.95 $122.97
C16RC1 Shackle Size:5/8" Thick, 1-1/2" Clearance
$241.25 $144.75
C16RC2 Shackle Size:5/8" Thick, 2-1/4" Clearance
$246.95 $148.17
C16RC3 Shackle Size:5/8" Thick, 4" Clearance
$253.75 $152.25
C35SB Shackle Size:1/2" Sliding Bolt
$285.50 $171.30


Professional High Security padlock for general use.

Rotate key 55˚- 65˚ to unlock.

Removable shackle with non-retaining key
Pop-open shackle with retaining key (key needed for closing)
Variety of shackle clearances
Added Mul‑T‑Lock hasp
Added shackle protector

Shell: hardened steel
Core: black plated solid brass
Shackle: hardened boron alloy steel

Additional features
Protective shutter prevents dust contamination
Drainage holes prevent freezing

Black electrophoretic; Chrome nickel bright

Cylinder mechanism
Mul-T-Lock's unique, high-precision pin tumbler system.
Pick and drill resistant for High Security needs.

Reversible nickel silver key with plastic key head and colored insert.
Also available in all nickel silver.

Cylinder platforms
Classic or Interactive®+; MT5®+ available as separate product

Cylinder options
Keyed different
Keyed alike
Master keyed

CEN; ISI technical specification 21