Guardian Series CSP Universal Computer Lock Kit




Details: Guardian Series CSP Universal Computer Lock Kit

Buy this computer security kit to secure up to 3 pieces of equipment, or customize it and choose only what YOU need! Secures computers, laptops, printers, projectors, and more. To help you customize it, take a look at the installation video to the right, and read the '3 steps' below it to quickly figure out which computer lock options are best for your particular situation. Cable length: 6'.


  • Much more robust level of security.
  • Many more available key numbers for increased security.
  • Huge increase in pick resistance.
  • Can match key numbers to other kits in this product line with different options and security levels.
  • Greatly improved ease of use for clients needing the convenience of a built-in scissor clip.
  • 2 lock styles and 3 cable thicknesses available.
  • Available keyed-alike, keyed-different, master-keyed, and even grand master-keyed at no upcharge.
  • Manufacturing improvements mean custom key options in a couple days, not a couple months.

Note for Master Keyed(MK): Your 1st order of 10 or more MK locks will come with 1 free Master Key. If ordering less than 10 locks, please call to purchase a master key.

How Many Keys Do I get with the Different Key Options?

You can now specify how many keys you need. The default is 2 keys. This means if you order 1 kit or order 100 kits, you only get 2 keys. But you may have 6 authorized people you want to hold on to a key. In that case, change the default number from 2 to 6 (or however many you need) and that is the number of keys you will receive. In the future, if you find you need additional keys, we will send them to you at no additional charge. (up to 2x the number of kits ordered)

When you purchase keyed alike locks, chances are you don't want a ton of keys floating around. Usually, you only need a couple of keys for authorized personnel
When you purchase master-keyed locks, each kit will come with its own set of 2 keys. Your 1st order of 10 or more MK cables comes with 1 free master key. If ordering less than 10 cables, or if you need additional master keys, please call (800) 466-7636 to order
Each keyed-different kit comes with 2 keys per kit

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Guardian Series CSP Universal Computer Lock Kit

Guardian Series CSP Universal Computer Lock Kit