CompX 150-KP-FRG-V Series Refrigerator eLock


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Details: CompX 150-KP-FRG-V Series Refrigerator eLock

CompX eLock 150 Series is a keyless, non-network electronic access control lock for refrigerators / freezers. Since the eLock is keyless system there are NO keys to lose or share. The eLock also provides a comprehensive audit trail of the last 1500 access attempts - including date, time and user name — which can be downloaded and viewed with LockView 5 software.

The eLock can hold up to 250 unique user codes and can be programmed to read facility's existing employee identification cards using HID proximity or iCLASS (smart card).

Refrigerator / freezer versions have all three components — eLock unit, battery pack, and latch - enclosed in a housing which mounts directly to the appliance door. The strike plate is easily mounted on the top (vertical version) or side (horizontal, right- or left-handed version) of the appliance and provides a secure latching point for the latch. All eLocks have non-volatile memory ensuring that all users, audit trails and other programmed features are not lost due to loss of power. The motorized spring loaded latch provides the convenience of automatic relocking — eliminating the need for cumbersome hasps and padlocks.

Product Features

All Versions Feature:

  • Audit trail of last 1,500 access attempts with date, time and user name
  • 250 user/supervisor codes
  • Three modes of access: Keypad, Proximity card* HID or iCLASS HID
  • Motor driven latching mechanism
  • 6-AA battery pack; premium brand Alkaline batteries recommended (not included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Jump start battery override available through mini USB communications port allows the user, with a valid credential, to access the CompX eLock® when the batteries are exhausted
  • Mini USB communications port for audit trail download with optional LockView 5 software

LockView® 5 software (Sold Separately)

  • Provides a comprehensive audit trail of the last 1,500 access attempts; including date, time and user name
  • Complies with Joint Commission standards and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • When connected, LockView sends updates to the eLock. Updates can include: User changes (Add / Delete / Modify Credentials), eLock Changes (Add / Delete / Modify eLocks), Access Rights changes
  • LockView 5 works with all 150 and 200 series eLock models (software sold separately)

LockView® makes it easy to monitor audit trails for the last 1,500 access attempts, manage users and eLocks, and assign time-based restrictions and dual credential access. Downloading and uploading information is simple. Attach mini USB to communications port on eLock and standard USB to laptop.


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CompX 150-KP-FRG-V Series Refrigerator eLock

CompX 150-KP-FRG-V Series Refrigerator eLock