CompX 200 Series SS-KP-CAB Stand Alone Cabinet eLock

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CompX eLock 200 Series is a keyless, non-network electronic access control lock for cabinetry. Since the eLock is keyless system, there are NO keys to lose or share. The eLock also provides a comprehensive audit trail of the last 15,000 access attempts - including date, time and user name — which can be downloaded and viewed with LockView 5 software.

The eLock can hold up to 3,000 unique user codes and can be programmed to read a facility's existing employee identification cards using HID proximity, HID iCLASS proximity, or magnetic card credentials.

The cabinet version has three components: eLock controller, battery pack and latch. The eLock controller mounts directly on the outside of the cabinet door or drawer, while the battery pack (6-AA) and latch are mounted inside. Since the batteries are located inside the cabinet, every eLock unit includes a jump start 9-volt power port, which allows the user — with a valid credential — to access the eLock when the batteries are exhausted. All eLocks have non-volatile memory, ensuring that all users, audit trails and other programmed features are not lost in the event of a power outage.