Abus 74/40 Padlock Aluminum Safety Insulated 74


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Details: Abus 74/40 Padlock Aluminum Safety Insulated 74

Product Features

  • Solid aluminum core with steel shackle for best physical strength
  • Body and shackle insulated against electric shock
  • NANO-PROTECT™ shackle for superior corrosion resistance
  • Intrinsically safe, key retaining
  • Automatic locking for user convenience
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High precision 6-pin cylinder for better tamper resistance

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

74/40 Red KD Red, 1-1/2", Keyed Different
74/40 Red KA Red, 1-1/2", Keyed Alike
74/40 Red MK Red, 1-1/2", Master Keyed
74/40 Purple KD Purple, 1-1/2", Keyed Different
74/40 Purple KA Purple, 1-1/2", Keyed Alike
74/40 Purple MK Purple, 1-1/2", Master Keyed
74/40 Orange KD Orange, 1-1/2", Keyed Different
74/40 Orange KA Orange, 1-1/2", Keyed Alike
74/40 Orange MK Orange, 1-1/2", Master Keyed
74/40 Yellow KD Yellow, 1-1/2", Keyed Different
74/40 Yellow KA Yellow, 1-1/2", Keyed Alike
74/40 Yellow MK Yellow, 1-1/2", Master Keyed
74/40 Black KD Black, 1-1/2", Keyed Different
74/40 Black KA Black, 1-1/2", Keyed Alike
74/40 Black MK Black, 1-1/2", Master Keyed

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Abus 74/40 Padlock Aluminum Safety Insulated 74

Abus 74/40 Padlock Aluminum Safety Insulated 74