141/200 Abus Diskus Integral Van Hasp Truck Lock with 26/70 Padlock Included


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Product Details

Abus Locks, The German-born lock company, has introduced a new truck, van, barn, and door locking hasp to be used with their Discus style round padlocks. The 141/200 Integral DISKUS Hasp has a revolutionary design which makes it ideal for use on double wing doors for vans, trucks, gates and vending machines. The hardened steel hasp is covered with a thick Zinc plating which is then powder coated. All the mounting hardware and support plates are Eterna plated. This coating provides a 1-2 punch against the elements and provides superior rust & corrosion protection.

The 26/70 DISKUS Padlock offers added protection against physical attack thanks to the patented hardened steel case design, and a hardened steel shackle and drill plate. The padlock body is made from 100% stainless steel and all internal components are made from brass and stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection. This combination of strength and weatherability makes the 141/200 Integral DISKUS Hasp the best hasp and lock combination on the market today and it is available in both black and white.

ABUS 141 VAN & TRUCK HASP Description

  • Universal hasp with integrated Diskus® padlock for doors and gates
  • Available in white and black color
  • Easy to operate withoutremoving Diskus® padlock
  • KD, KA & MK keyingoptions available
  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • All mounting hardware with Eterna™ plating included
  • Ideal for use e.g. on double wing doors (transporters, vans)
  • Cylinder front access
  • 70mm Diskus® padlock Abus 26/70 Diskus Padlock and mounting hardware included 
  • Solid steel housing protects and prevents physical attackon Diskus® padlock

26/70 Abus Diskus Padlock with Physical Attack Protection

    ABUS 26/70 DISKUS PADLOCK Description

    • Stainless steel lock body and inner mechanism for maximum corrosion protection
    • Improved thicker metal plates to protect from prying and grinding
    • Hardenede chrome moly shackle
    • Top-quality weld seam (maximum depth of welding gives high tensile strength)
    • Anti-pick mushroom pins
    • Hardened steel drill plate protects keyway
    • 141 Integral hasp recommended with 26/70
    • 24/70RK can key to any 26 series
    • Dimensions
      • Width: 2-3/4"
      • Diameter: 13/32"
      • Horizontal Clearance: 3/4"
      • Vertical Clearance: 11/16"


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    141/200 Abus Diskus Integral Van Hasp Truck Lock with 26/70 Padlock Included

    141/200 Abus Diskus Integral Van Hasp Truck Lock with 26/70 Padlock Included