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Choose a keyed padlock category below. Most locks can be purchased (KA) Keyed Alike, (KD) Keyed Different, (MK) Master Keyed, or (KAMK) Keyed Alike in sets with a master key. Keying requirements can also be specified on the checkout page under customer keying requests. Padlocks can also be matched to an existing key you may already have.

Economy Locks
Economy Locks, Small Locks & Tiny Padlocks
Laminated Brass Padlocks
Laminated Brass Commercial Padlocks
Steel Padlocks
Laminated Steel Commercial Padlocks
Rekeyable padlocks
Rekeyable & ProSeries Padlocks
Round Padlocks
Round Locks, Discus Locks & Hockey Puck Locks
Solid Body Padlocks
Covered Solid Body Locks
Solid Steel Padlocks
Solid Steel Padlocks
Weathertough, Weathertuff, Weather proof, water proof, waterproof padlocks
Weatherproof / Weathertough Padlocks
Government Spec Padlocks
High Security, Heavy Duty & Industrial Padlocks
Government Spec Padlocks
Solid Aluminum Locks
Super-Lube, Mil-Comm, Tri-Flow Lubricants
Solid Brass Padlocks
Shrouded Padlocks
High Security Heavy Duty Shrouded Padlocks
TSA Approved Luggage Locks & Travel Padlocks
TSA Approved Luggage Locks & Travel Locks
Keyed Gun Locks, Trigger Locks, Firearm Security
Gun Locks, Trigger Locks, Firearm Security
Super-Lube, Mil-Comm, Tri-Flow Lubricants
Python Adjustable Locking Cable Padlocks
High Visibility - LOTO - Lockout Tagout Padlocks
OSHA Safety Series Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Padlocks
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About Padlock Outlet

Padlock Outlet is an independent wholesale distributor of high-quality security devices. We specialize in bulk orders of Master Lock and American Lock brand products, offering our customers a wide selection of Padlocks, Locker Locks, Bicycle Locks, Computer Locks, and more at factory-direct, wholesale prices. Our padlocks come in a wide range of materials and styles, from Laminated Steel to Aluminum, Brass, and Xenoy alloy; from Standard and Resettable Combination Locks to heavy duty All-Weather Padlocks and colorful Fusion Padlocks and beyond. We offer a full line of Safety Padlocks, and a wide range of Lockout and Tagout devices that meet OSHA safety regulations. For vehicles, we offer Trailer Hitch Locks, Automotive Locks, and Motorcycle and Bike Locks, and we stock a full selection of TSA approved Travelers’ Locks. We have a range of Government Padlocks as well. Our padlocks, such as the Master Lock no. 1 series, are available with Keyed Alike, Keyed Different, and Master Keyed options, as well as a variety of shackle lengths. Whatever your security needs are, we have the right locks for the job. We are committed to offering wholesale prices lower than any retail sale price, guaranteed.

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under $100 are subject to a 30% surcharge.

Allow up to ten business days for shipping.

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